Youth Ministries


The Saint Athanasios Sunday School program begins with Preschool (age 3), and continues through Senior year of High School. This important education occurs by working in partnership with our Parish families during this 15 year journey. We strive to reach our children’s minds and hearts offering theological and practical education about our Faith, and also leading their hearts to the love of Christ by teaching and example.

Our ultimate goal is to lead them to love Christ, His Church, and each other, so that our Faith becomes a real and foundational component of their everyday lives.


The Junior Orthodox Youth, or JOY, is our youth ministry to the elementary school children (grades k-8) of Saint Athanasios Church. The mission of JOY is to strengthen the relationship of young Orthodox Christians with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The program works to educate and edify young members of the Church, encouraging them to become active sacramental participants in the life of the Body of Christ, and lay the foundations of faith that will lead to a lifelong journey toward salvation.


The Greek Orthodox Youth of America, or GOYA, is our youth ministry to high school members of our parish (grades 9-12). The mission and goal of GOYA is to lead our young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith.

By developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and becoming active sacramental members of the living Church, our young people will be equipped with tools necessary to assist them in their journey toward salvation.


This is a highly anticipated weekend by many youth and adult members of our church. The Jr, Olympics encourages athletic competition and fellowship on a Metropolis-wide scale. Over 35 parishes participate with an average of 2,000 participants each year over three days of sporting, social, and spiritual events.

Each year St. Athanasios competes in a multitude of events based upon skills and interest of the children in the church.