2016-2017 Family Unity Night (FUN) Schedule

Family Unity Night (FUN) Seminars: Fridays 6:00-7:15pm

Weekly Pastoral Learning Segments will combine Bible Study, Discoveries in the
Faith, and Book Club into fellowship and spiritual growth for Adult Parishioners!
Recommended text: Saint John Climacus~The Ladder of Divine Ascent

2nd: What is Religion? The Orthodox Church defined
9th: Ladder: Step 1-Renunciation of Life & Step 2-Detachment
16th: The Sources of Christian Religion & Holy Tradition
23rd: Ladder: Step 3-Exile & Step 4-Obedience

7th: What is a Creed? An Analysis of the Nicene Creed
14th: Ladder: Step 5-Penitence & Step 6-Remembrance of Death
21st: The Father Almighty & God the Creator
28th: Ladder: Step 7-Mourning & Step 8-Placidity (peacefulness) and Meekness

4th: Adam and Eve-The Fall of Man
11th: Ladder: Step 9-Malice & Step 10-Slander
18th: The Invisible World of Angels & The Material and Spiritual World

9th: Ladder: Step 11-Talkativeness and Silence & Step 12-Falsehood
16th: Our Redemption in Christ & The Redemptive Work of the Lord

6th: Ladder: Step 13-Despondency & Step 14-Gluttony
13th: Christ as High Priest & Christ as King
20th: Ladder: Step 15-Chastity & Step 16-Avarice & Step 17-Poverty
27th: The Resurrection and Ascension.
The Second Coming and the Last Judgment

3rd: Ladder: Step 18-Insensitivity, Step 19-Sleep/Prayer, Step 20-Alertness
10th: The Holy Spirit. The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church
17th: Ladder: Step 21-Fears, Step 22-Vainglory, Step 23-Pride
24th: One Baptism. The Resurrection of the Dead and Life after Death

21st: Ladder: Step 24-Simplicity, Step 25-Humility
28th: Doctrinal Differences Between the Churches

5th: Ladder: Step 26-Discernment
12th: Ladder: Step 27-Stillness, Step 28-Prayer, Step 29-Dispassion, and
Step 30 The Final Step: Faith, Hope, and Love