Using the Word “Because” Properly

I pray that you are having a blessed Summer. As we look ahead to the school year and cycle of the Ecclesiastical year coming to a start, I want to make sure you are aware of our ministry offerings. Whether you are elderly, or a child, we have numerous opportunities for you to grow.  We have all heard throughout the years the word “because” used as a definition when we don’t know the answer to a question.  In the life of the Church, the defintion “because” just doesn’t cut the mustard in today’s day and age.  When we face difficult questions about faith and the Church, we must have much more of an articulate answer than, just “because.”   The programs and ministries within our church help us to learn the reasons behind why we do what we do inside and outside the church, and to only use “because” as a “conjunction” in a sentence, and not as a definition of why we do something within the Church.

For the adults in our parish we offer Bible Studies to learn more about the meaning and messages within the Bible, in a simple and digestible manner.  We have Book Club which helps club members to learn about certain topics covered in contemporary Orthodox books, which  teach an Orthodox response to issues and dilemmas covered within the texts.  Orthodoxy 101 is also a fantastic way for Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike to learn about the Church and the Christian Faith.  Never learned anything in Sunday School???…No problem, Orthodoxy 101 will get you up to speed.   Discoveries in the Faith is yet another program that addresses specific topics within contemporary life; social, moral, ethical, theological issues will be taught in an open forum for ample discussion.  If you are interested in learning the Greek Language, we have a program for you.  If singing is your interest, the choir will work with you to develop your love of music into singing skills.  If you are a woman interested in philanthropy, Philoptochos is for you.

For the children in our Parish, we offer youth ministries for every age bracket.  From infants to high schoolers, we have programs that service all of the children’s needs.   We offer a Greek Language program for every skill level, a Greek Dancing program, Junior Choir and Youth Missions and Ministries, in addition to our excellent Sunday Catechetical School.  From hands on to classroom learning, we have it all.

Understanding that your time is precious and your schedules are hectic, we have great news. Almost every ministry listed above happens on Friday evenings.  Parents can come with their children and learn while their children are in their respective lessons learning and growing.  Every Friday is ministry night.  It is a way to maximize your time, minimize your commutes, and enhance your entire family’s religious, and fellowship experience.

Put Saint Athanasios on your schedule for Friday evenings and make Fridays a special night of fellowship, learning, growing, and fun. If you have any questions about the upcoming schedule, please let me know directly.

I pray that I am able to see you in these wonderful ministry offerings.

Fr. Peter