Christ is Risen!

You receive our Champion newsletter every month. This month, the title of our bulletin shows its origin. During this time of the resurrection of Christ, we see that the Church becomes the Champion in the world. By the Resurrection of Christ, death no longer reigns. Christ is the Champion! We all share in that Victory. As we celebrate this special time of year, this Paschal Feast, I want to bring mind one thing, upon which we all need to keep focused.

Keep looking forward! Sometimes our past creeps up into our minds, and cause us to slow down on our spiritual path towards God. Things we did wrong, or who we were can make us feel down and not progressing. Mistakes, wasted time, sins, broken relationships, setbacks- physical, spiritual, and emotional. The Saints of the church remind us to be aware of where we have fallen and can fall again, but not to dwell in the past. Don’t forget, but don’t dwell. A truly repentant person looks forward with humility, and doesn’t kindle the past mistakes and traumas by constantly mentally entertaining them or bringing life to things long gone.

We all make mistakes. This Easter season reminds us that Christ knows that we are not perfect, but wants us to sincerely try to be better and to do His Will. Prayer, learning, and reflection will guide us to His Will. Use this special time of year to start clean and new. Look forward to God, praying to Him to guide you. If we look backwards, we will trip as we walk or run into a wall. Look to God for all things. Know that He loves us more than we know or can even accept. Keep trying to move closer to Him. A fast runner wins short races. A Christian runs a long race and needs a good pace, but most of all, endurance. Keep going!

Christ is Risen!

Truly He is Risen!

Rev. Dr. Peter J. Spiro